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If you want to trade in your briefcase or attaché for a stylish bag, leather messenger bags are the answer. A messenger or courier bag is a rectangular bag with a long adjustable strap that is worn over one shoulder and along the front of the torso so that the bag sits on the carrier's back. This type of bag has been used since ancient times for anyone that needed to carry something. Notably, Pony Express riders used these bags, and the contemporary style of messenger bag is based on the style of bag used by linemen to carry their tools sixty years ago.

These carryalls are a growing fashion trend in urban areas and are used especially by commuters, students, bicycle messengers, and men who need a manly version of a purse to carry their bulky items. The long adjustable strap makes the messenger style of bag very comfortable for wearing while riding, and some bags even have anchor straps, which make them less likely to slide around on the wearer's back. However, the advantage of these bags over more traditional backpack is that they can be slid to the front of the body so the wearer can access their contents without removing the bag.

Messenger bags come in almost every material and are made by many different designers, but if you want a long lasting durable bag, you will probably need to get one of the many handmade Leather duffel bag messenger bags. Leather bags can be purchased for as little as eighty dollars or as much as several hundred dollars. If you want the best quality leather, you may need to spend about three hundred and fifty dollars. While you are browsing, remember that there are four main types of leather and which type you choose will dramatically affect the quality of your bag and in particular, will affect how long the leather lasts. Full grain leather is cut from the top part of the animal's hide, which has all the grain. It will have subtle markings that show the animals' veins and scars. The second highest top of leather is called top grain. The third best is genuine leather, and perhaps the worst is bonded leather, which are basically pieces of leather stuck together.

For both style and function, leather messenger bags are a great addition to your closet especially if you need to transport a bag of heavy or bulky items every day to and from home and work or school.