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handstand yoga7:30 p.m.: Germany on deck! Also Venezuela, Ireland, Latvia, Hungary, Uzbekistan, Lithuania and Armenia. The athletes are in the stadium, and underway. Germany starts on pommel horse, which I'm sure they're all thrilled by, while mixed groups are on floor and high bar and parallel bars. Hungary is on vault, the Uzbeks on rings.

Valeriia Pereyra, floor: 1.5 to double tuck, OOB. Barely pulls around her entireof Handstand tuck. Lovely piece of music, just beautiful. Ends with a stuck double pike. Good for her! 12.6.

Saturn-Saturn is the lord of 2nd and 3rd houses. 2nd lord gives results of the 3rd house. Saturn gives very bad results as 3rd lord. The weakness of Saturn causes very good results for Sagittarius ascendant.

Deal with the ego. If your habitual thoughts are trying to take over, tell them to take a rest. What often works is to say, "You made your point now go away." Then move on and do not struggle or fight with the ego. Keep your thoughts and feelings focused on pleasure and your internal connection to spirit.

12:58 p.m.: Legendre misses his Kolman as well right off the bat during his routine, and doesn't catch his pike Kovacs either. He's missing by a fantastic amount. Great triple back dismount though.

The upper extremity weight bearing from the downward facing dog pose could address neck and shoulder problems as in the case of whiplash injury. Constant handstand yoga clinic could surely bring about relief and treatment to the condition.

5:17 p.m.: The Brazilians can fall. Everyone is very impressive as a whole, particularly young Sergio Sasaki. He's a little stockier than Diego Hypolito, and does he use it to his advantage on this event! Enormous stuff.